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Anonymous asked:
I'm considering trying out for cheerleading at Wake Forest. I have no cheerleading experience, but I used to be a competitive gymnast, and even though I haven't tumbled in years, I know that wouldn't be a problem. But I also have no stunting experience and I feel like I would learn really quickly but I have no idea how I'm supposed to learn, and also have no idea how competitive tryouts would be, considering they're a small school that probably doesn't attract as many athletes but also D1

do you have a local cheer team you can practice with? I would also look on the Wake Forest website to see if they have a clinic or you could come to a practice.

Anonymous asked:
What are the chances of male cheerleaders getting scholarships

depends on the school. But talented male cheerleaders are always needed 

on a scale of 1 to 10 how hard is it to get into richmond spiders cheer. and how many people try out annually

I posted a link of their try-out requirement a little ways down on the blog. 

Anonymous asked:
is it hard to get into division 1 cheer squads in general?

yeah. More so because a large number of girls and guys try-out for in most cases limited spots. 

Anonymous asked:
Have you heard anything about texas a&m competitive squad like is it hard to make?

i haven’t heard anything about them

Anonymous asked:
Hi I was just wondering of there's a possibility to cheer in college with out having insane tumbling abilities

of course!! Smaller universities and private schools aren’t as strict with tumbling  

yehcxx asked:
Hi, I am trying out for my College team and I am really nervous but I have hope! I don't know how to tumble very well. The best I can do is a bhs (barely) and thats all! Do you have any tips on flexibility? :)

stretch almost everyday. Practice your positions on the floor (have someone hold your leg if you buckle a lot) I was told to pull against the door frame to little by little push your body.